Buckshee™ is a perfect solution allowing free or sponsored mobile data. Solution is available to all subscribers on their current SIM cards and does not require any physical distribution nor provider change.

Based on view2surf™ technology, Buckshee™ is an Android application allowing easy integration with any mobile carrier. Zero rated billing setup is enough to offer subscribers free, unrestricted mobile data sponsored by advertisers. No need to change local billing systems or perform complicated network core integration.

Buckshee™ works as fully automated VPN application which diverts complete subscriber’s data traffic to the platform server with view2surf™ technology applied. When zero-rated billing is set to this traffic, subscriber may use internet without any charge and view2surf™ takes care of monetization.

When simple zero-rated setup is still not possible with local mobile carriers, ‘free mobile data’ access may be replaced by ‘reward-browsing’ where every specified data package (ie 250MB) spent with Buckshee™ subscriber is rewarded with sample product, coupon, discount etc.

Buckshee™ allows exact user geolocation and profiling.

Buckshee™ is available on selected markets and selected mobile carriers, click below to download